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Santander customer service helpline number to contact them

The United Kingdom is where Santander bank is situated. If there are any enquiries you wish to make about their services, you will just have to call their customer care service center. They have a team of well-trained agents who will assist you with all the problems you could be facing. They are always ready to handle any concern that you could raise with them.

There are quite a number of ways that you can reach them if you have any questions. For instance, you could reach them through an email address. However, you will have to be patient about it since it could take some time before someone responds. If you want to reach out to them, you don’t have to search their whole website looking for their customer service number. You only need to use 0844 776 9683 and you will connect with their agents.

Call for any enquiries

If there is anything about your bank account that you don’t understand, you shouldn’t hesitate to give them a call. If you are interested in changing or updating your personal details as well as your address, then give their customer care a call and you will have this sorted out in no time. If you seek information on how to perform a bank transfer to local or international account, you just give them a call and they will be happy to assist you. If you only want to make standard enquiries, then you should call for only the provided hours since it is then that they will be operational. However, if you have an emergency case where you have lost or had your card stolen, they have 24 hour service center which will be ready to attend to you.

Reasons for calling Santander customer service

There are quite a number of reasons that will call for you to contact them. For instance, if you want to enquire about your bank balance or want to request for a new card or PIN, you just give them a call. Also, if you are seeking for information concerning the process of money transfers via phone banking. If you are seeking for financial advice, they will also be glad to help you through.

There are other reasons which would warrant you calling customer care such as seeking for details about the current savings and accounts in the bank.

Little bit of Santander history

Santander is a banking firm which is based in the United Kingdom. In the larger Europe, it has established itself as one of the top most firms offering financial services to customers. They come with a wide range of both personal and commercial services in the field of finance. As it currently stands, they command an estimated 15 million users in all their branches. With all their large network of branches, they are able to reach as many customers as they currently have at the moment. They also offer a wide range of services to their customers all at affordable fees. This makes them a preference of many ordinary people as well as corporates.

Different business segments offered at Santander

Global corporate banking

This is a department in Santander which basically deals with the corporate members of the bank. It is also a department which deals with institutions whose size or operations will need purchasing products and services in wholesale. Those firms whose operations add a substantial need for services which are personalized.

Commercial banking

This is a department in Santander which usually deals with services and products which are business related. Such are ones which support business centers for corporates in the whole of United Kingdom.

Retail banking

This is a department whose operations are mainly in products and services related to the specific account holders. Also, apart from their small business associations, Santander also has many other branches and a network of ATMs.

Availability of customer care number

There are many people who wonder whether the customer care service number is always operational. However, there are only emergency situations which will allow you to connect through. For instance, if you lost or had your card stolen, then this can warrant you to call them. If it is any other case, you should make the call during weekdays and weekends from 8:00am up to 11:00pm. Also, if you want to make a complaint concerning the kind of service you received from customer care, it should be easy. You should simply have it in writing and then send it to Santander contact. Their postal address is the one provided in the bank’s website.