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Next’s phone contact number for customer service

If you want to reach customer service at Next via a phone, you can easily reach them through 0844 776 9653. With this number, you will reach out to a customer service attendant who will attend to your needs. As many would agree, phone communications are efficient and effective way of reaching out to other people for help. You will get a response immediately unlike other mediums where you might have to wait.

If you have issues with damaged goods or returns, you just need to make contact and all your needs will be attended to. The worst experience is urgently waiting for an outfit for an occasion only for the wrong color to be dropped on your doorstep. If such a case happened, then you only need to pick your phone and use the number given. You can be able to talk to an agent who will help you get an exchange or refund.

Is it really necessary to contact Next’s customer care?

There are a number of issues which will warrant you to get your phone and contact customer care agents at Next. For instance, if a wrong item was delivered to you, then give them a call and you will get your issue handled. Do you want to get a refund? You want to request information or details about a refund or return. If there are issues with the service that you want to streamline, then don’t hesitate to give them a call. If you dropped an order but have changed your mind and you want it cancelled or changed, a call will save the day. Late deliveries will also warrant you to call and enquire about it.

Who is Next?

Next is a multinational company of British origin. It deals with household furnishings, clothes and shoes as well. When it comes to clothing, Next is the largest retailer. In the last couple of years, they have expanded their boundaries to cover both the Middle East and Asia. In the United Kingdom, they operate over 500 shops. There are also another 200 on average which operates under them but overseas.

Year Founded

Next was founded back in 1864 and thus have a long history in the UK. With their experience, they have mastered good customer service as well as efficient and effective company infrastructure. With advancement in technology and the introduction of internet, Next has brought their services close to customers. They can now place their orders easily, access details in their accounts and make enquiries all in their website. With their day deliveries, you will not get additional charges whenever you order for an item.

In order to streamline their operations, Next has employed a team of experts whose focus in entirely helping clients. You can therefore contact them and have them attend to all your needs. This team is also responsible to replying to your emails. However, with a call being easier, many people prefer to make a call to make their enquiries.

Best way to reach out for customer service at Next

First, if you want to have your issue addressed with utmost precision, ensure that you have all the details about your complaint. With this, you will be able to connect with the right department who will address your needs. Without much information about your query, it would be difficult for the customer service team to get help concerning your needs.

Second, with Next, you can access their customer services 24 hours a day. You can therefore get your needs attended to no matter the time of the day. It would be much in your best interest to contact customer care outside the peak times. This is because during this time, there will be less people waiting to be served on the queue and thus you get served quickly. Your call will be answered right away and your issues solved.

Third, whenever you order an item and a damaged one is delivered in your doorstep, then you need to reach out to Next contact number. Here, you can have them arrange for an exchange. In order cases, you can request for a refund and it will be granted to you in a matter of time.

Once you make a call to Next’s customer care service, you will receive an automated call menu. Always make sure that you listen carefullyto the options which will be given to you. These are the options which will connect you to Next customer care service agent who will attend to your needs. You can then select one that leads you to an agent who will answer your questions.